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A final thought as the voting enters it’s final hours – I would like to personally thank all the many citizens who volunteered their time, money, energy, voice, encouragement, and more importantly, your YES vote in the consolidation/unification effort. And to those who opposed us in a civil and honest debate, thank you for challenging us to be better. My greatest joy in this journey has been the unifying effect it has had on our community. It has been an … [read more]
Friends, there is so much to say the day before this election. -If you are on the fence about CONSOLIDATION, and want an objective look at how taxes went DOWN in other consolidated communities, email me at, and I will send you the report. Please vote YES for the good of our community! -If you live in MIRIAM PARIS’s district 26, I hope you will vote in the Democratic primary, which is your right, and cast a vote for … [read more]
Many of you have asked about maps and new districts. If you would like to look at an interactive map for the House, Senate and Congressional maps, you can go to and go to the Google Earth Document for each category. And if you want a google earth file for the consolidation map, I can send it to you via email. Click here for maps
Well, you can feel the tension. Rhetoric is getting heated, voices are being raised, attacks are becoming personal. Yes, it’s election time. And the referendum on July 31 to consolidate Macon and Bibb County is in the middle of the fight. I need to share my heart with you, so bear with me as I do away with “political speak” for a moment. I have heard all the arguments against consolidation: 1. County is bailing out the city; 2. Property … [read more]