Here is your complete summary about everything you want to know about HB 885, the medical cannabis bill.

February 9, 2014


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-The bill is very restricted and tightly regulated
-The process is managed by doctors at academic medical centers
-The scope of allowed diagnosis is very limited, only to seizure disorders
-The application of the medical cannabis would only be allowed in oral or pill form, not smoked
-The compound of the cannabis plant would be in an oil based form, cannabidiol, that is high in CBD (the medical component of the plant) and very low in THC (the component that makes you high)
-20 other states have legalized medical cannabis, and 13 states have pending legislation. Our bill would be the most restrictive to date.

Our challenge so far has been how to obtain the cannabidiol in a legal, tested, safe, and controlled manner for delivery to Georgia. We are working through all the options.

The bill, as drafted, has drawn the support of the following:

MAG, the Medical Association of Georgia, the largest physician association in the state
-CHOA, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, the owners of Egleston and Scottish Rite pediatric hospitals
-Northwest GA Healthcare
-Academy of Pediatricians Association
Georgia Sheriff’s Association

For some background on why the issue has been pushed to the forefront of legislative bodies all over the country, you can watch the documentary by Dr. Sanjay Gupta at:
For the relevant info, you can watch the first 11:15 minutes, then from 29:40 to 34:25, and then from 41:20 to the end.

Or for a very quick update, you can go to:

And for a story about the families in Georgia fighting for this bill, please watch this 7 minute video:

WSB TV has been documenting this story extensively, and you can find their coverage at: