Here’s a summary of information on the cannabidiol oil (medical marijuana) issue

January 20, 2014

This is the sweet little angel that changed my mind

This is the sweet little angel, Haleigh Cox, that changed my mind

Here is some background info.  This is all about providing hope, compassion, and help to our citizens.  Help me on this………

I have done a complete 180 about the medical use of marijuana after learning more, and visiting a 4 year old girl named Haleigh Cox.
The human side of why this is needed now can be seen in this story:
We are evaluating legalizing cannabidiol oil in a tightly restricted, very regulated manner for seizure disorders, and only under the direction and permission of a medical doctor, and only orally or intravenously, not in dry form, or smoking it.   
There has not been a lot of scientific study about the effects, but the anecdotal evidence is overwhelming.
Dr. Gupta did a very educational documentary also.  It’s 43 minutes long, but if you want the heart of the matter, watch first 11 minutes, then 29:40 to 34:25 minute mark, and then 41:20 to the finish
And here is the info about Dr. Gupta’s stance.
There is also a site called Realm of Caring, which has a video that tells about Charlotte Figi’s story:
And if you could find yourself in position to support this effort, your voice would be incredibly influential.