November 5, 2012

Friends, tomorrow our country, our state, and our counties face decisions on who will lead us politically. Our choices will help shape the future direction of our country, and will have an impact on the next generation. So, I hope it can be said of us that we have chosen wisely…………

One of my favorite movie lines of all time:
“Chosen Wisely Video”

Many of you have asked me who to vote for in the upcoming election. While I fully understand most of you could care less about my opinion, if there are some races you are unsure about, I will be more than glad to give you my input. Just shoot me an email at

But I will comment on a couple of races:

PSC – I hope you will vote to reelect Chuck Eaton and Stan Wise

State Senate #25 – Burt Jones
State Senate #26 – Bobby Gale
Congress 2nd district – John House
State House #144 – Bubber Epps
District Attorney – Greg Winters
Clerk of Bibb Superior Court – Linda Tillman
Bibb Board of Education – Lester Miller

On the 2 Amendments, I am voting YES on both. Quick reasons why:
#1 – The charter school amendment – It is all about choice for parents and their kids regarding their education
(I can send more info on this, just shoot me an email)
#2 – This allows the state to enter into multi-year leases, and just makes good business sense and will save taxpayer money

I hope this helps, and if you want comments on other races, feel free to email me today.